Crouch wonder goal excites conspiracy theorists.

It’s been a good weekend for conspiracy theorists. Once again Dino tops the table, Peter Crouch scores a wonder goal and a referee at Old Trafford fails to locate his bottle. Lest any of you think we’re making this up the table never lies. As you’ll see below a number of us even predicted it. When Crouchy re-enacted Van Basten’s wonder volley of years gone by our resident points plunderer was already en route to another 4 correct results and a perfect score, courtesy of another wonder strike in the 90th minute (you’ll have to look at the prediction table to see which game). Were the football gods so generous with you? This week’s final table has all the answers:

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By now you probably have a pretty good idea about where it went all wrong or alright. What you don’t know is whether you were completely wide of the mark or a couple of inches over the bar. As usual our full predictions index has all the answers and doubtless a few lessons thrown in for free:

Fortunately the opportunity to confound the conspiracy theorists has already arrived. If you have an immediate need to put this weekend’s disappointment behind you here’s the link to next weekend’s games. Happy punditry.