Mancini’s predictions fall short as his team.

Manchester City’s manager probably shouldn’t give up his day job (at least not yet). His prediction that United would drop points at Blackburn failed to materialise last night. If only he had access to the AMNT forecasts he’d have seen how unlikely that was. Only 4 of us shared the Italian’s views. Perhaps he should consult us next time he plays mind games with Fergie. Elsewhere only 1 person foresaw the banana skin awaiting Arsenal at Loftus Road or the possibility of City dropping their first points at home. Will so many of us remain deaf to such possibilities as the season climbs to a conclusion? We’ll find out next week.

The table that cannot lie has a new winner this morning, with 3 of us beating or equalling Lawro’s forecasts. As usual all the gory detail is included below, so take a peak to see if you are all mouth or a little draughty around the ankles. (Click the table and it enlarges).

To find out where you scored and dropped points take a peep at the full predictions index below. You’re unlikely to find a more compelling spreadsheet all week. And if reading it leaves you with an insatiable appetite for revenge you will find (at the bottom of this post) the links to click to enter your forecasts for next weekend’s bumper crop of fixtures. We’ll be in touch tomorrow to remind you of these.

This coming weekend has a veritable blizzard of games to forecast. So many in fact that we have 2 forms for your predictions. Here’s the first one. And here’s the second. Put the kettle on now and do both before you forget. As ever, happy punting.

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